Colour Energy has various educational programs available that teach you ways to successfully integrate colour therapy into your business.

For more information on training dates, course outlines and registration please
call Susanne at 1 800-665-3177.

Chromalive® Colour Therapy 2-Day Workshop
(Also available as a home study course - please inquire.)

  • What is light therapy?
  • The action of Chromalive.
  • The effect of the aging process.
  • What are reflex zones?
  • Skin, hand & face analysis.
  • Systematic treatments.
  • Analyzing the clients needs.
  • How to do an anti-aging treatment.
  • Various treatment methods & much more.     

Colour Therapy 2-Day Workshop

  • The seven types of Colour Intelligence and their traits.
  • Colour and the human psychology.
  • How and why colour effects us.
  • How we absorb colour energy and ways to change our energy.
  • Colour energy exercises.
  • Our body's energy centers (chakras) and their functions.
  • Colours of the aura and their meaning.
  • Body language and the aura.
  • How to read a bioenergy field (an aura).

Biopulsar® 3-Day Intensive Training

  • Introduction.
  • Basics of Colour, Chakra & the Biofield (aura).
  • Interpreting the biofield and chakra analysis.
  • The mental, physical & spiritual connection.
  • Organ language and the connection to colour.
  • Bioenergetics and biofeedback technology.
  • Ways to influence energy.
  • Operating the Biopulsar technology.
  • Using the biofeedback information.
  • Body, Mind & Soul counselling.
  • How to use the technology for study & research.
  • Applying therapies, remedy/product testing and neuro biofeedback.
  • Business applications.

Recommended Reading:

Let There Be Light
by Darius Dinshah,
ISBN: 0-933917-00-7

Light Medicine of the Future
by Dr. Jacob Liberman
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Hands of Light
by Barbara Brennen,
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Light Years Ahead
by Brian Breiling
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Colour Energy
by Inger Naess
ISBN: 0-9680804-0-5

Healing with Color Zone Therapy
by Joseph Corvo & Lillian Verner Bonds,
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How to See Your Health
by Michio Kushi,
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by Ken Dychtwald,
ISBN: 0-87477-375X

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