There has been a growing realization that a healthy life does not just happen, but is something that anyone can achieve with a commitment to their well being. Optimum health and vitality comes through self-awareness and the balance of body, mind and soul. Recently the holistic health movement has brought about a renewed interest in several ancient philosophies, such as colour therapy, reflexology and acupuncture–natural therapies to help one achieve a perfect triad of mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Chromalive® Colour Therapy is a combination of various sciences–utilizing light therapy and the stimulation of reflex zones to support the body's internal mechanisms (amplifying the healing process on various levels). The Chromalive Colour Therapy Penlight allows for a simple and effective method for treating various symptoms using a non-invasive and concise colour radiation directly onto a specific reflex zone.

Chromalive Colour Therapy and its techniques are presented in a detailed accompanying booklet, which includes hand and face reflex zone charts and recommended treatments for several common symptoms.

Suggested colour treatments are recommended simply through activation of an organ by performing a colour tonation treatment directly on the correlating reflex zone of the hands. As well the face, ears, spine, feet or chakras can also be tonated. The smooth crystal tip design of the Chromalive Penlight allows for the reflex zone to be gently massaged, which in turn amplifies the therapy treatment.

Chromo-therapy, using the Chromalive Penlight, is a natural and easy method for realigning the body’s functions in order to assist the body, mind and soul in attaining the perfect metabolic balance that can lead to super-health. Chromalive Colour Therapy is a fast and simple way to stimulate the chakra centres, which in turn supports one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

To understand the effectiveness of Chromalive® Colour Therapy, one must realize that intelligence exists within the body and beyond human comprehension. Every cell at the DNA level communicates with other cells in the body through a sophisticated language of colour light. By using the universal language of colour, imbalances within the body–which exist at the molecular level–can restore health to each cell.

Chromalive® Colour Therapy is an advanced treatment that can improve one's overall general wellbeing by balancing the body's natural energy frequencies. Chromalive® Colour Therapy helps to restore mental, emotional and physical equilibrium. In doing so, a variety of skin conditions such as irregularity of colour (brown and red spots), poor skin texture, blemishes, skin damage due to sun exposure as well as signs of aging, can diminish.

Colour Therapy's non-invasive treatments have been shown to:

  • Support body, mind & spirit balance
  • Increase organ vitality
  • Improve skin circulation
  • Smooth skin texture (lift aged and tired skin and reduce wrinkles)
  • Increase elasticity of face, promote youthful appearance
  • Reduce blemishes and spots
  • Increase radiance!

The triangle symbol represents the balance of body, mind and spirit. The centre signifies the "self" and we have to balance all sides before we are complete.

Chromalive® is a holistic therapy device developed by Martina Gruber,
a Medical Intuitive from Germany, who also developed the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® Biofeedback System together with Dr. Balaji Tambe, an Ayurvedic Practitioner from India.

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